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2024 Weekly Themes

Pick and choose your favorite weekly challenges or sign up for an entire summer-long series!

Every Week

a new creative blend of art and design challenges

Every Day

Active, play, exploration, adventure, and connection 

in the great outdoors

Get ready for...

outdoor adventures, water activities, community games, field trips connected to nature or our design challenge, citizen science projects, new friendships, and all sorts of water-based summer fun!

2024 Weekly Themes
Click through the slides below to explore the weekly challenges for each series.

Biomimicry, Art, and Engineering Series

In our Biomimicry, Art, and Engineering series, campers explore the question: How can we use the structures and patterns in nature to create innovative, artistic, and successful solutions to the challenges we face? Campers will take on a new engineering challenge each week–from towers to bridges to flying machines. They will use natural materials to build and beautify their creations–painting, stamping, dyeing, and carving their designs into existence. 

Series Summer Schedule:

Teetering Towers

Beautiful Bridges

Fantastic Flyers

Looney Launchers

June 17-21

July 8-12

July 22-26

August 5-9

Summer in Motion

In our summer in motion series, campers explore the question: How can we film, edit, and produce innovative, musical, funny, or creative movies? Campers will plan, shoot, and edit a variety of movie projects while building hands-on and digital skills. From set and prop design to special effects, music and B-roll editing, campers will get a taste of what it takes to make a film!

Series Summer Schedule:

Stop Motion Heroes


Lip-Sync Music Videos


Wizardry, Super Powers

& Special Effects

Media Change Makers

June 24-28

July 15-19

July 29 - Aug. 2


August 12-16

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