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Weekly Themes

Wildwood Summer Camp runs 5 days a week from 8:45am-3:15pm (drop off from 8:45am - 9:00am and pick up from 3:00pm - 3:15pm) and features creativity workshops, outdoor adventures, water play, friendship, and FUN!

Part of our day is spent in creative S.T.E.A.M. workshops (see below for the weekly themes) and the other part is spent staying cool at the waterfront. Kids will learn about artistic and creative techniques and mediums with engaging projects. Of course, we'll swim, play games, kayak, and enjoy summer in the Gorge!

In addition to local field trips throughout the week, every Thursday we'll also head out on an all-day field trip! 

  • Week of June 17  -  Logo Launchpad: Branding and Logo Design

    Discover the art of graphic design! You’ll use both analog materials and digital techniques to learn design composition, typography, color, visual identity, and logos and then create a brand identity for your pet, favorite sports team, or Summer 2024!​​

    Thursday Excursion: TBD


  • Week of June 24  -  Canopy Crafters: Treehouse Architecture

    Learn the fundamentals of architecture through the design of a treehouse! Aspiring architects will be challenged to use sustainable and recyclable materials to sketch and collage, create 2D drawings, and then craft a scale model of their treehouse vision set in their own selected site in the Gorge!

    Thursday Excursion: TBD

  • Week of July 8  -  Graphic Odyssey: Visual Storytelling

    Dive into visual storytelling! Learn the essentials of panel layout, character design, and storytelling techniques. From sketching your characters to inking, coloring, and binding, you'll develop your very own graphic novel or comic book, filled with dynamic characters and gripping stories that come to life on the page. 

    Thursday Excursion: TBD

  • Week of July 15  - Capture Quest: Outdoor Photography

    Develop the skills to capture natural and wild places with any camera! With the Gorge as your backdrop, you’ll look for opportunities and use a variety of techniques to photograph landscapes, flora and fauna, or friends and family on your outdoor adventures.

    Thursday Excursion: TBD

  • Week of July 22  -  Summer in Motion: Stop Motion Animation

    Explore the art of storytelling through a variety of analog and digital animation tools. You’ll learn to make stop motion videos, flip books, and gifs to create vignettes about summertime fun and adventures outside. You’ll write and create a short film that you make using only your imagination and these basic techniques!

    Thursday Excursion: TBD

  • Week of July 29  -  Woven Wonders: Clothing Design and Textile Arts

    Experiment with fabric as your medium! Explore tie dying, block printing, embroidery, and more as you create a t-shirt design and other textile projects using inspiration from your outdoor adventures.

    Thursday Excursion: Portland Art Museum for "Virtual Sneakers to Cutting Edge Kicks" exhibit

  • Week of August 5  -  Inventor’s Workshop: Product Design

    Bring your ideas to life! From conceptualizing innovative products to prototyping with various materials, you'll make your concept a reality. Unleash your inner inventor as you explore the design process, creating unique and functional items that seamlessly blend aesthetics with utility.

    Thursday Excursion: TBD

  • Week of August 12  -  Dungeons and Designers: Board Game Design

    Embark on a creative journey into the world of board game design!  Engage in brainstorming sessions, where you'll conceive exciting game concepts and develop rules that challenge the minds of your fellow campers. From crafting game boards to designing cards and pieces, you'll bring your own imaginative board game to life.

    Thursday Excursion: TBD

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