Due to the Covid-19 situation, Wildwood Camps has had to alter our pricing and scheduling. For 2020, we will only accept weekly reservations with a maximum capacity of 20 campers in any given week. We're going to split the groups into two groups of 10 by age (6 to 8 yo and 8 to 11 yo). 8 and 9 yo may be put into either group (depending on their interests and maturity level).

We're also running camp Monday - Friday to help with parents who need to work the full week.

Our costs are higher and that is completely due to Covid-19. We must now have extra staff on-hand (in the event a staff member is diagnosed with Covid-19) as well as daily sanitizing and  janitorial services.

Weekly Rates (days must be served consecutively).

Full Week: $400. A full week will have full days from Monday thru Friday (8:30am to 3:30pm).

*Late pick-ups will will be billed $60.00 per hour in hour increments with a 10 minute grace period.

**We will require a 14 day written cancellation notice to