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This Week at Wildwood Camps!

Hey Everyone!

It's going to be HOT next week, so, we're getting down to the water each and every day for swimming, stand up paddle boarding, and tons of water activities. Kristin has secret art projects centered around treasure maps (she won't tell any of us) and we've got Capture the Flag down to a science. We'll continue with our kickball, dodge ball, whiffle ball, and flag tag games along with more fort building and making giant bubbles (that will be a blast). One of our Wildwood counselors will be leading a llama charge and another is an

aficionado of making slime. Anna will continue impromptu music concerts and Colby might have to bust out his engineering mind on some lego building. So much fun, so little time! We're running Monday - Thursday from 8:30am to 3:30pm each day this week.

The girls won the initial Capture the Flag game!

The lego building is getting more impressive.

Impressive fort building!

July 4th artwork as a gift for our veteran guest speaker - Leo Walton!


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