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Music Lessons with Anna!

If your child attended our summer camps, then they are undoubtedly familiar with Anna Tucker. She was one of our lead counselors and welcomed each day with a warm smile and great attitude.

She's also one of our lead instructors for our music lesson program.

Proficient in piano, saxophone, guitar, and ukulele, Anna is an accomplished musician who brings that same fun attitude to her lessons. She not only makes them enjoyable, but educational as well. She makes a point to understand each student and the best teaching method for them.

Anna teaches piano to our ten year old daughter (who is 'challenging' when it comes to music lessons), and Anna not only has bonded with our daughter, but figured out ways to get her excited about music theory as well as getting her to practice (something we weren't able to figure out as parents).

Please visit for more information or email for more information or to begin lessons.

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