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FAQ Wildwood Camp Questions Regarding COVID-19 Policies


Q: Will you have social distancing?


A: We’ll attempt to adhere to state recommendations regarding social distancing. However, we have to all remember this is a camp and children here to play and frolic. We will still play with legos, have art camp, play games, etc... We want to instill normalcy and fun as many kids are experiencing some amount of trauma being separated from their peers for an extended period.


Q: Will you still have regular games, art, etc...?

A: Yes, the purpose of summer camp is to allow kids to have fun, play games, get outside, and bond with other children and counselors. While attempting to maintain guidelines set forth by state regulations, we firmly believe that having a normal camp experience is imperative for the emotional well-being of kids. We will be implementing sanitizing and cleaning procedures (see below) to meet Covid-19 requirements.

Q: How will the groups stay apart on school premises?


A: We'll have two groups (up to 10 campers each) separated by age group. Groups will have their own areas in the school and groups will be staggered to ensure proper distance is maintained between the groups. Equipment will be sanitized after each period of use.


Q: Are you requiring campers or counselors to wear masks?


A: Face coverings will not be required for use by campers. If a parent or guardian requests, their child may wear a face mask if the parent or guardian provides the mask. Parents cannot provide masks for children other than their own and Wildwood will not provide masks. Wildwood will not be responsible for supervising that campers wear masks. Counselors may, or may not, wear a mask at their own discretion.


Q: How will bathrooms work? Will all the campers use the same bathrooms? Will they be cleaned/sanitized regularly?


A: Bathrooms will be designated to each group, sanitized throughout the day, and cleaned thoroughly each night.


Q: Will you be checking temperatures each day?


A: We will check for new cough and fever for anyone entering the camp facility/area or interacting with campers and staff. Staff will check the temperature of every camper upon drop-off every day. Individuals with a fever greater than or equal to 100.4° F will not be allowed to enter the grounds. Parents or caregivers must remain present during temperature checks.


Q: How will drop off and pick up work? Is it different than in past years?


A: Wildwood will have separate and distinct locations for drop-off and pick-up times for each group. Every group will have its own drop-off and pick-up location.


Q: How will you implement extra sanitation and cleaning measures?


A: Wildwood will require campers to wash their hands after lunch and snacks, after they use the bathroom, or change activities. Hand sanitizer will only be used if campers are away from sinks and need immediate hand cleaning (e.g, coughed into hand while outside). Our building will be cleaned nightly by our janitorial service with a special emphasis on the camp studios and any rooms being utilized by camp. If a camper is isolated due to symptoms, the isolation room will be cleaned immediately after that camper leaves the grounds.


Q: What if someone (camper or staff) shows symptoms connected to COVID-19?


A: Any staff or camper that has a fever of 100.4 will be sent home. Campers will be isolated from other campers and an assigned staff person will stay with the camper until a parent or guardian can pick them up.


Q: What is Wildwood Summer Camp’s cancellation policy?


A: More than 14 calendar days prior to the start of camp registered for, full refund. 0-14 calendar days –no refunds. Partial refunds may be extended for campers that cannot attend camp to due Covid-19 symptoms.


Q: How will aftercare work?


A: We’re not offering after care this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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